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One Spa Bed, The Beginning of SHANGPREE

In 1990, SHANGPREE has started with one spa bed in a small room in Nakseongdae, Seoul.
Our relentless commitment to customers we have become the top skin expert in Korea.

“Can you please fix my skin?”

We still vividly remember the moment when our first customer asked us. Since the beginning,
sincerity to customers has been our impetus for improving & growing ceaselessly.

Started as a trainee,
Becoming one of top experts in Korea

Dr.Wol Hee, the head of SHANGPREE R&D, has started as a trainee esthetician at SHANGPREE SPA.
Thanks to her determination, passion, and hard work, Dr. Wol Hee has become one of top experts in Korea.

The practical senses and intuitions acquired while taking care of customers’ skin for over 28 years,
became the motivator of launching all the unique and innovative products.
56 master estheticians and cosmetology specialists always try their best to deliver the true
Results & Natural Healing to awaken your true beauty, being faithful to our own basic principles.

Esthetician’s Wisdom

3 Master Estheticians & 56 Skincare Experts

We have Dr. Wol-Hee and 3 master estheticians and developed “Esthetician Formula” with the highest quality and natural ingredients as our time-tested products.

Touchstone of Sincerity

Our loves for customers and accumulated expertise have made Shangpree spa-based skincare brand in Korea.

We have been winning the competition for 10 years consecutively, receiving over 100 awards. Based on accumulated know-how and expertise of the best cosmetology specialists and master esthetician, we are making a world’s standard of our own.